"Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us."

David Richo (via feellng)

The Happy List


How the happy list works: 

1) Reblog this from the person before you. 

2) Read their list of items.

3) Add one and only one of your own that isn’t already yet listed on the item. 

To start first, I will put: When other people are happy.

Message me if you don’t get how the happy list works. here.

Don’t like their list? Find someone else’s list to reblog from :D

Waking up to sweet good morning texts and sleeping after a sincere goodnight message.


We stopped by all the tanks we could possibly find. We almost got lost inside this labyrinth of dark tunnels that were illuminated by subtle blue reflections of light coming from the fish containers, passing by the jellyfishes twice. I took my camera out. After spending minutes circling around the jellyfish tube, I finally captured a decent photo. I let out a sigh of relief and showed it to him. “Finally,” he breathed out, seeming impatient. I frowned one of my puppy frowns that I wear whenever he looked annoyed. “Sigh. C’mon let’s go.” He silently walked away. He was far away before I could even utter “wait.” I put my camera back in my bag and rapidly shuffled to where he was waiting for me. “Where are we going?” He nodded his head towards a direction I couldn’t discern due to the darkness. His American High sweatshirt blended with the dimness.

I followed him past the electric eels, turn right where the turtles swam languidly, ten steps forward where the bigger tanks of colorful fishes were placed, and finally down a staircase that I never noticed. I looked around as I climbed down, noticing the gradient of darkness grow dimmer as we descended. Then suddenly, he stopped before what looked like a door. “Ready?” he said. I could make out a smile from his face.

 “I guess?” I uttered out of confusion and anticipation. As he opened the door, a bright dash of delicate light disrupted the blanket of darkness. I had to squint to readjust my vision. After a few blinks, I was stunned with what I saw: a real aquarium of over a thousand fishes and corals. It was as if we were in a submarine made of glass, so clear, so vibrant, so real.


“Wow,” was all I could articulate. His amused chuckle from my amazement was followed by silence. I looked around- benches, but no people. We were alone, alone with the fishes that only breathed underwater.

“How did you know about this? And why is nobody here?”

“It was designed to be a secret. Only those who seek for something greater than the ordinary will find it.”


He walked closer to the glass. Still as a statue, and very distinct from the bright blue sea. I slowly walked beside him. I watched as the fishes danced with one another; I watched as Nemo and Dory play hide and seek within the purple and red corals; I watched as a sea turtle float in the ocean; I watched as the rays of the sun create a beautiful play of light. Silence. And then silence. To break the stillness, I quickly pointed at two clown fishes leveled on top of a boulder, above every other fish in the tank, looking down at their home.

“Look!” He shifted his deep focus to where my finger pointed.

 “That’s you and me. We are above the world. Our love is stronger than the force these other fishes have altogether. We are infinite.” He said this, with such gentleness in his voice. I smiled my widest. Bu to my insignificant dismay, one of the fishes swam away, leaving the other alone. “Aww, you just left me.” I teased, but somehow it sounded as if there was a slight disappointment in my declaration. No response. My smile gradually faded. I hid my expression by looking down my camera bag, where a map of the aquarium was peeking: Together by the sea, is my favorite place to be. I looked up at him; his face was fixed into a deepness I could not find. Noticing my faint gloom, he uttered my name softly, almost inaudible to my ear. But he knew I heard it.


“My love for you is like the sea. It’s boundless. Besides, that fish was probably sad and heartbroken.”


“Why do you think so?” I asked. He delicately held my hand, squeezing it before saying:


“Because J,” he calls me by the first letter of my name, “I will not break your heart without breaking mine.”